SAGE LIFE SOLUTIONS, L.L.C.  is a Life Coaching, Career Coaching and Reiki practice owned and founded by Janie Murray.

JANIE’S MISSION:   To positively touch as many lives as possible, providing life-changing insights, support and guidance to help our clients  reach and exceed their wildest dreams.

A life and career coach serving Chicago, IL and other clients virtually
JANIE MURRAY  is a transformational life coach, certified by Life Mastery Institute of CA. She is also a motivational speaker, trainer, writer, Reiki Master Teacher, artist, former Vice President of Human Resources, former Adjunct Professor of Management at National Louis University, and was President Obama’s Deputy Director of Human Resources for his successful re-election campaign. She holds an M.B.A. from Loyola University of Chicago, a certificate in Mediation from Northwestern University, and has completed the Executive Leadership Program from Center for Creative Leadership, Hartford Graduate Center.

Life Coaching – A Journey of Growth, Discovery and Positive Transformation

Janie is excited to offer guidance and coaching both individually and in groups as part of her many services. As a life and career coach, she helps you to realize and tap into the power you may not know you have.  Together, you then design and create what you would truly love to experience in the key areas of your life: relationships, career, health, creative expression, work/life balance and time/money freedom.  Janie can also help you to successfully navigate the transitional and challenging times in your life,  when you may need guidance and counsel the most (divorce, job/career change, death of a spouse/partner, start of a new life chapter, etc.)

Whether you are local to the Chicago Metro area, or  miles away, Janie is able to connect and counsel using Zoom, Skype or Face-time as well as face-to-face and phone meetings.  Janie can be reached by:

  • Cell or text:    847-942-2924
  • Email:    [email protected]
  • Skype:    janie.murray7

Reach out to Janie to schedule a complimentary life coaching session, and explore how this transformative process can change your life, or just for a brief chat to see if there is a fit!