Journey to Empowerment – A Transformative Process

A bi-weekly, on-line 8 week practicum program to set you on your path for 2024!

Learn to embrace your uniqueness, become your own advocate,  build a healthy sense of self-esteem and step into your empowerment .  Join Janie on a powerful journey of self discovery, love, acceptance and empowerment! 

Call Janie at 847-942-2924 to sign up or for more details. 

Dream BIG and Have It All!

Creating the Life You Love

An interactive 5 Week Online Life Coaching Workshop 

Don’t miss this life-changing workshop!  Gain the skills and insights you’ll use for the rest of your life.

Register by emailing:   [email protected]

or     Call  Janie at:     847-942-2924

to see when the next session begins

What to Do When Life Gets Heavy

Help Dealing with Stressful Times in Your Life

You will  learn to:

  • Build awareness of areas that bring stress into your life 
  • Recognize current coping mechanisms and learn additional tools to address and manage these challenging situations 
  • Identify and employ resources  available to you
  • Develop an action plan/solution to deal with the challenge in a successful and healthy way

Janie will partner with you to develop and build a healthy skillset to successfully deal with life’s challenges and unforeseen crises.  Call Janie  for more details.