Journey to Empowerment – A Transformative Process

A bi-weekly, on-line 8 week practicum program to set you on your path for 2021!

Learn to embrace your uniqueness, become your own advocate,  build a healthy sense of self-esteem and step into your empowerment .  Join Janie on a powerful journey of self discovery, love, acceptance and empowerment! 

Call Janie at 847-942-2924 to sign up or for more details. 

Dream BIG and Have It All!

Creating the Life You Love

An interactive 5 Week Online Life Coaching Workshop 

Don’t miss this life-changing workshop!  Gain the skills and insights you’ll use for the rest of your life.

Register by emailing:   [email protected]

or     Call  Janie at:     847-942-2924

to see when the next session begins

What to Do When Life Gets Heavy

Help Dealing with Stressful Times in Your Life

You will  learn to:

  • Build awareness of areas that bring stress into your life 
  • Recognize current coping mechanisms and learn additional tools to address and manage these challenging situations 
  • Identify and employ resources  available to you
  • Develop an action plan/solution to deal with the challenge in a successful and healthy way

Janie will partner with you to develop and build a healthy skillset to successfully deal with life’s challenges and unforeseen crises.  Call Janie  for more details.  

Janie Appeared on Blog Talk Radio!

You can listen to the replay at any time:     From your computer tune into  I  spoke  with Jim Masters as part of their Empowering Women Series