Working with clients to help them attain their dreams is Janie’s passion.  Here are some of the great things they have to say about her coaching.

Barbara L., Massage Therapist   “I was unhappily married and never saw myself having any other life. Janie encouraged me and helped me to realize that I could have a much better, happier life. Janie saw the potential in me that I had not known was there. With Janie’s help and guidance, I found my passion, and I have now been a successful business owner and single woman for the past 20 years.”

Shannon L., Assistant to the CEO  “It gives me such pleasure to write this review for my Auntie Janie.  She is my hero!  She took me from such a dark place in my life and shined the light.  She provided guidance,  direction and support,  and set me on a path to change my life and see my true potential.  Here I am, exactly two yeas later,  from when I began my journey with her and it’s a total transformation!  If there’s a will, there’s a way!  Thank you for shining the light and showing me the way to find myself!”

Suzanne E., Massage Therapist  “The life coaching training Janie Murray with Sage Life Solutions is fantastic!  My experience was much more than I planned as I had some very simple ways of reaching my dreams and success in my personal life and my business but Janie has helped me elevate the energy it takes to accomplish those dreams and gave me the tools to make it a reality.  I learned how my intentions and ability to phrase my goals with detail is essential to the success of what I want in life.  I highly recommend everyone experience how to develop these skills by taking this workshop to change your life permanently with the right mindset to achieve your success!”

Petra C.   LTC, US Army, Retired  “Forty-seven years ago I was a 14 year old high school kid from the poor side of Chicago’s Pilsen area.  I was one of 11 siblings and high school was not something I lo0ked forward to, although I always liked school.  I only liked it because it got me out of the house, away from an emotionally abusive and drunk father.  One day, this young math teacher, who I thought was a student, came up to me and told me to stop jumping off the beams in the study hall auditorium.  She gave me her math quizzes to grade, kept me busy and there began a lifelong change for me.  Janie counseled me and told me I had so much potential, which I did not believe at the time.  She tutored me in math which was my worst subject.  But she took her counseling to another level.  She showed me there was a whole wide world outside of my home life and convinced me over time that I had potential and I started to believe it.  I finished high school, won a 4 year scholarship to a private college and then went into the Army where I served 31 years.  I obtained  2 master’s degrees and countless certifications throughout my career and I owe so much of it to a young teacher who saw me in a crowd, picked me out and pulled me up.  I am, and will always be grateful Janie saw something in me, and now I spend my life lifting others up.  She taught me well.  Thanks, Janie.   You are the best!!!”

Kara S., Dancing Goose Therapeutics   “Doing life coaching with Sage Life Solutions was EXACTLY what I needed.  The lessons were clear and simple enough to follow, yet challenging in all the right ways.  The Dream BIG Program walked me through my values and helped me uncover buried dreams.  It gave me needed clarity on my current direction in life.  I appreciated the one-on-one coaching with Janie Murray.  She had great balance in the way she gave me “think”  time, and when she asked questions or shared stories.  I really felt that she respected my process, and guided me through the steps to discover my own potential!  Janie also was able to customize the program to fit my needs, and even gave me a snapshot of her other incredible classes.  I don’t think I could have done this on my own, even if I had the materials.  Having a coach like Janie is crucial to really understanding ourselves!”

Renee Z., Sr. Sales Executive   “I will forever be grateful for the wisdom and guidance I received from Janie Murray.  I began working with Janie when I was at a crossroad in my career.  Uncertain if I wanted to look for a new job or stay with my current employer, Janie assisted me in polishing my resume to perfection and prepared me for how to look for new opportunities.  She helped me move past a negative mental rut that was affecting me in my current position, while keeping me on track in my job search.  Janie has a nurturing, relateable approach  that kept me focused and reminded me that I am capable of reaching my goals and living  the life I desire.  She is extremely resourceful, creative and knowledgeable.  After working with Janie, I feel more confident in my ability to be assertive and direct.  I highly recommend Janie to anyone looking for a life coach who will offer positive, productive support in their personal and professional development.”

Lisette C., Tribune Publishing   “Through one of my most difficult life transitions, Janie has been able to be the voice of reason in the darkness for me. She has helped me sort through some major life decisions to guide me to a solid path in my career direction as the dust settled from my divorce. Without her guidance, I could not have been able to get a clear footing to move ahead after being stuck and confused. Her help, wisdom and intuitive guidance has helped me to start over and forge ahead like a champ. She is a life saver as well as a life coach, helping me stay on course and on the path to living a happier life. She is a voice of reason through the uncertain paths in life. I’m grateful for how she has helped me get my career in place and my personal life on a new, joyful path.”

Rachelle V., Career Changer   “What a way to get back on track with my dreams and vision!  Janie, you are amazing at what you do and your honest guidance allowed me to face my fears and change the negative thinking.  I realize it’s never too late to continue on your journey.  The atmosphere and tone you set allowed me to take a sober look at life, where I’m at and now the courage to live it.  Thank you!”

Mike E., Analytics   “Janie truly has been instrumental in helping to position me where I need to be in my career. For far too long, I have found myself in positions that do not play to my key strengths and the person who I envision myself to be. Through her unique and personalized approach, based on her knowledge and expertise, she has helped me realize what I need to do today to get to where I want to go so that I can find a career that is not only fulfilling, but one that ultimately makes me happy. If it was not for her guidance and support, I would continue to slog through life lost in a career and too afraid to make a move given my life circumstances. I am utterly grateful for the help that she has provided me, and I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to find their own path in life.”

Brian M., Sales Executive “I have enjoyed working with Janie and can say my life is so much better for knowing her.  She has helped me face and embrace challenge, and I have learned to envision and create a life I love through our sessions.  Janie draws from her rich and varied life experiences and knowledge, and a wealth of formal and real world education.  Continual learning and growth are part of her lessons, and Janie-isms, like “decide now (and beg forgiveness later)” have helped me to move confidently in a corporate world, and my personal life, as well.  Making a major lifestyle change from self-employment to Corporate America was quite an adjustment for me.  Janie’s deep knowledge and understanding of corporate operations and unique language have given me a step up and a short cut to success in my business world.  I heartily recommend working with Janie to anyone looking for a mentor, guidance to a better life, or a path to a greater understanding of themselves and the world.”

Bruce L.  Career Changer    “After spending years “thinking” about going back to school, I spent some time working with Janie and we focused on the steps I needed to take to move forward and stop blocking myself.  I’ve now put three semesters behind me with great results and I finally realized my goal of college graduation in 2017.   Thanks, Janie!”