Author: Janie

Reimaging Your Life Post COVID-19

One of the many outcomes of the past 16 months is that people had time and the chance to reevaluate their lives and to starkly see what is truly important to them.  Many were very surprised to discover that their values and priorities had drastically changed.  No longer was it acceptable to give all of their waking time and energy to their career.  It also became abundantly clear that their home is indeed their castle and not just a place to “hang their hat.”  Hence, life is shifting and business needs to shift and change with the new needs and wants of their employees.  “Face time” in the office is no longer king.  Working smarter, with more tech-enabled tools makes bridging different geographies a non-event.   What have you found is important to you, and what are you going to do about it?  Carpe diem!  This is the time to be bold and take charge of your life!  

Food for Thought and Reflection

Welcome to Sage Life Solutions!  I’m glad you stopped by and hope you will spend a few moments here.

A friend of mine once said, “Life is a merry-go-round, not a parade.”   That thought has stuck with me for several years.  What I find interesting in this perspective is that we may repeat the mistakes we make in life, until we learn the full lessons we were supposed to learn from them.  At that point, and only at that point, we can move on, avoiding  the next “pothole” in life’s road by recognizing it before we hit it.

What learnings and insights have you experienced  through our time with COVID?



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