One of the many outcomes of the past  3 years is that people had time to reevaluate their lives and thus made significant changes based on what became clearly important to them.  Gone was the noise, bustle and pressure of just living through each day.   Many were very surprised to discover that their values and priorities had drastically changed.  No longer was it acceptable to give all of their waking time and energy to their career, and /or  company.  It also became abundantly clear that their home is indeed their castle and not just a place to “hang their hat.”  Hence, life has made a dramatic shift and businesses have been forced to view work through a new prism.   In this new world, “Face time” in the office  no longer is a driving or judging criteria.  Working smarter, with more tech-enabled tools makes bridging different geographies a non-event.   Ultimately,  businesses, too found that large brick and mortar offices are no longer necessary.  They too, are benefitting from downsizing office space and eliminating the corresponding overhead.  It has become a win-win that may have never happened without COVID.   People have reclaimed hours in their day by eliminating long commutes, stress has been reduced, and positive steps to reduce carbon emmisions have been made from this new way of working.  You might say that this was the silver lining to a catastrophic event.    What have you found iimportant to you, and what are you doing about it?  Carpe diem!  This is the time to be bold and take charge of your life!